In the darkened areas where they thrive, White Christmas Caladium produces brilliant white leaves with contrasting dark green capillaries and light green borders that truly stand out from other plants. Additionally, the taller plants they are planted and grown around benefit from their white tint. White Christmas Caladium thrives in urban environments because of how well-tolerated it is by smog.

White Christmas Caladium

Identification Of The White Christmas Caladium

The annual White Christmas Caladium has a mounded form, thick flower petals, and a rough texture. Large, heart-shaped leaves with noticeable dark green capillaries and shades of olive green are characteristic features of the plant.

At maturity, White Christmas Caladium may reach heights of around 24 inches and widths of 24 inches.

Tips For Caring For The White Christmas Caladium

Soil Conditions

The beautiful caladiums thrive in almost any soil. Regardless of how acidic, neutral, or alkaline the soil is, the White Christmas Caladium grows rather well.

However, it is best to cultivate the plant in mildly acidic soil conditions, which are 5.5 to 6.5 pH, in order for it to attain its full potential.

You can promote its development even further by planting it in loamy, well-draining soil. It is possible to add worm castings, peat moss, or wheat straw.

Some gardeners combine common garden soil with materials that help retain moisture, such as mulch and sawdust.

Evenly moist soils are ideal for the White Christmas Caladium plant, while wet soils are not. Please keep this in mind and water the soil just as needed.

You can omit to add mineral supplements if your soil is sufficiently fertile and has all the necessary components.


Caladiums are beautiful plants that adore water, as most houseplant gardeners who have worked with them are aware. The White Christmas Caladium plant prefers frequent watering because it grows natively in tropical and subtropical climates.

If grown in a sunny area, water your White Christmas Caladium plant ideally every two days. I advise daily irrigation in the hotter regions. However, adding water after three days also works in places that get more than an inch of rain every one to 1.5 weeks.

Depending on the environment, all plants, including the White Christmas Caladium, need to be watered frequently. The plant normally loses more water at hotter temperatures, thus, the watering schedule needs to be adjusted.

The soil around the White Christmas Caladium plant might also serve as a guide. When the surface of the soil surrounding the plant becomes dry, add one to two inches of water.

Light Requirements

Caladiums often prefer deep shade to intense, dappled sunshine. The White Christmas Caladium plant has similar behavior, continuing to grow quickly in full shadow or in filtered sunshine.

The type of plant will determine the appropriate lighting conditions; some grow best in deep shadows, while others do well in indirect sunlight. Most homes have an east-facing or north-facing window that provides optimal lighting conditions for White Christmas Caladium plants.

Whenever you plant it outside, make sure it’s in a greenhouse or under a large tree if you have one. The White Christmas Caladium plant can also be positioned in a garden or patio that is partially covered.

Caladium’s leaves are its most distinctive feature, and this has made it an admired and acclaimed plant. The leaves of the plant are most impacted by growing in little light or too much sunshine. They lose their distinctive hues and shapes, and they could even fall.

For this reason, cultivate the White Christmas Caladium plant only in dappled sunlight to reduce the likelihood of such an accident occurring.

Temperature Requirments

The White Christmas Caladium prefers snug, warm settings.  It thrives and produces more because of the temperate weather. It also protects them against leaf frost, a major concern with caladiums, as well as a number of other problems.

Only when the soil is warmer than 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celsius) can the White Christmas Caladium plant be planted, ideally between 65 and 70 degrees (18.3 to 21 degrees Celsius). During the growing phase, keep the temperature between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Outdoor conditions are suitable for temperate regions. When the thermometer dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, however, homeowners in chilly climates should bring their White Christmas Caladium indoors.

Humidity Requirements

As was previously said, the White Christmas Caladium plant adores water in all its forms, including its liquid and gaseous vapors.  The White Christmas plant must be kept at an appropriate humidity level to grow.

Please grow the White Christmas Caladium plant in soil with a moisture content of more than 50%. You could even need to keep levels above 60% if your location is particularly dry. You need not worry, though, as there are various ways to mimic the plant’s natural habitat if you are unable to achieve these amounts organically.


Despite its rapid development, the White Christmas Caladium is not a heavy feeder.  If the fertilizer has all of the necessary elements, the plant can survive with monthly to bi-monthly feedings.

In the spring or late summer, fertilize the White Christmas Caladium plant using a premium-quality, balanced NPK fertilizer. Each element has a vital function to perform. For example, nitrogen is essential for photosynthesis, while calcium aids in the development of the plant’s cell walls.


Repotting the White Christmas Caladium plant is not necessary frequently. It will be a long time before it has to be repotted because of its reasonable size and growing pace.

Refreshing the soil’s components is more crucial than repotting, even if it is still important. Even while you can add some old soil, the plant’s soil should mostly be a fresh potting mixture containing organic content.

Other signs that a plant needs to be replanted include roots around the pot, broken pots, and a growth pace that is relatively slow despite proper care. You should use protective gear and gloves, though since caladiums frequently trigger both human and animal allergies.

Pruning The Caladium

After a thorough trimming operation, the White Christmas Caladium plant looks fantastic since it has a completely new appearance.

Additionally, removing a few vines that appear unhealthy and infected greatly reduces the risk of infectious illnesses spreading. The White Christmas Caladium doesn’t reach very large dimensions.

However, if some vines have overrun the pot and are detracting from the appearance of the plant as a whole, you may gently prune them to avoid harming the remaining healthy vines.

Before using pruning shears on any plant, I strongly suggest having them cleaned and disinfected. For cleaning, you can use mild alcohol.


You’ll need a mature plant, the right potting soil, a knife, water, a planting container, and a reusable plastic bag in order to cultivate a White Christmas Caladium.

  • First, carefully remove the mother White Christmas Caladium plant from its container. Please be careful not to remove the plant too hard or you risk damaging its roots.
  • Once outside, shake the plant slightly to allow extra muck to come off and reveal the roots. At this stage, a fungicide is acceptable.
  • Then, using your knife, cut a stem from the plant that appears to be in the best condition. It should ideally be growing some roots.
  • The soil mixture comprising organic compost, such worm castings or peat moss, should be placed within the reusable plastic bag.
  • Create a hole in the soil mixture now, insert the stem, and close the hole. Make sure the roots are uniformly spaced out within the bag when you insert it.
  • In the planting container, place this bag.
  • Add some additional soil mixture after the stem appears to be erect. Add some sawdust and water.
  • Put the pot in complete darkness until you notice roots starting to sprout. Please don’t fertilize for the first two weeks as well.
  • You may treat the plant as a mature White Christmas Caladium plant after it develops some roots, produces minimal leaves, and stands erect.


The White Christmas Caladium plant grows fairly quickly and quickly, mostly dependent on its surroundings. It grows in all zones, although USDA hardiness zones 8, 9, and 10 and 11 are where it truly thrives.

If planted in warm soil (above 60 degrees Fahrenheit), the plant will grow actively in the spring and summer. The plant may grow to a spread of 22 inches and a height of 22 inches (56 cm).

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Frequently Asked Questions About White Christmas Caladium

What is causing the greening of my white Christmas caladium?

Why do the leaves of White Christmas Caladium become green? Leaves of White Christmas Caladiums become green as a result of stress or heredity. White Christmas Caladium can lose its variegation and turn its leaves back to green when exposed to sunlight and regular hydration.

How large can you grow a white Christmas caladium?

At maturity, White Christmas Caladium will reach a height of around 22 inches and a width of 22 inches.

Caladium White Christmas is it indoors?

The White Christmas Caladium creates a spectacular spectacle with its brilliant, huge white leaves accented by contrasting dark green veins. Both indoor and outdoor plantings of the plant flourish quite well.

How long do caladiums remain alive inside?

Caladium is a South American native that makes a magnificent tropical addition to your house since it thrives inside in indirect light. The flashy season is likely to continue for six months or longer. Caladiums prefer warm, humid environments. Give them humidity as well as direct, strong light.

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