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Category Archives: Cacti & Succulents

Mini Spring Cactus Care – The Complete Guide

This beautiful, long-lasting plant, sometimes known as Easter cactus, is native to the Brazilian rainforests, and its care differs significantly from that of other arid-region cacti. During the fall and winter, it can endure several weeks without water, making it a great houseplant for travelers. Keep It Moist But Not Soggy Keep your spring intact. […]

How to Plant Succulents in Glass Containers: Things You Need To Know

Succulents are a hot trend right now. Whether you’re looking for the perfect plant to add some color and life, or if you want something that’s low maintenance, succulents are your best bet. Of course, they’re also popular because they don’t need much water and most can survive through drought conditions. But how do you […]

Rhipsalis Paradoxa Care: Beautiful and Rare Species of Succulent

Rhipsalis Paradoxa is a beautiful species of succulents that originates from Brazil. In the wild, these plants grow in high-altitude mountains, where they live in dry climates. Rhipsalis Paradoxa care can be tricky because this plant has specific water and light needs. If you want to learn more about how to care for your Rhipsalis […]

Ultimate Guide to Huernia Schneideriana: Tips for Growing, Care and Propagation

Huernias Schneideriana is a type of succulent that is native to the South African region. They have flat, segmented leaves and they grow in clusters of rosettes. Huernia plants are easy to care for as long as you understand their needs—especially when it comes to light exposure. We’ll go over Huernia Schneideriana plant care including […]

Peperomia Hope Care: Beautiful, Simple and Effective

Peperomia is a genus of plants that are native to South America. They typically survive in regions with high humidity and rainfall, but they can also grow well indoors. The leaves are pea-shaped and glossy green. This plant is often used as an ornamental or for its medicinal properties. If you’re looking for something beautiful, […]