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Category Archives: Diseases and Pests

How to Get Rid of Gastropods: Winning the War on Slugs and Snails

Gastropods, including slugs and snails, may seem like harmless creatures, but they can wreak havoc in your garden. Notorious for munching on your precious plants and vegetables, they can leave behind a trail of destruction. But fear not, dear gardener! This comprehensive guide will arm you with the knowledge and tactics needed to send these […]

Does Neem Oil Kill Spider Mites? Let’s Find Out!

Does Neem Oil Kill Spider Mites

When it comes to finding a safe and effective way to get rid of spider mites, many gardeners turn to neem oil. But does neem oil really kill spider mites? The short answer is yes, neem oil can kill spider mites. But it’s important to understand how neem oil works before you use it in […]

Why Is My Umbrella (Schefflera) Plant Turning yellow, black, or brown? How To Save It

Do you have any idea why my umbrella plant has started to turn black, brown, or yellow? The color of the umbrella plant can vary for a variety of causes. Environmental causes, a lack of nutrients, neglect, or bad soil might all play a role. However, in order to cure your plant, you must first […]

How to Save a Monstera Plant That Is Turning Yellow, Brown, or Black

Monstera is one of my favorite houseplants because of its lovely tropical foliage and easy maintenance needs. However, I’ve discovered that Monstera is quite sensitive to changes in the environment. Read this tutorial if your Monstera plant is becoming yellow, black, or brown. It goes through the primary causes of the monstera turning yellow, brown, […]

How Bacterial Black Leaf Spot Occurs On Monstera Plants: Prevention and Treatment

Bacterial black leaf spot is a disease that affects Monstera plants. It is caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum, which thrives in warm and humid conditions with low light exposure. This post will talk about what causes a bacterial black leaf spots on Monstera plants, how to prevent it from happening, and treatments […]