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Where to Buy Dragonflies Online: A Guide for Insect Enthusiasts

Dragonflies are fascinating creatures that have captured the attention of many insect enthusiasts around the world. Their intricate patterns and stunning colors make them one of the most beautiful insects in the world. If you’re looking to buy dragonflies online, you’re in luck. There are several places online where you can purchase these amazing insects for your collection or to release in your garden.

Before we dive into the best places to buy dragonflies online, let’s discuss a few things you need to know before purchasing them.

First, it’s important to understand that dragonflies are not pets. They require specific habitats and diets to survive, and it’s not recommended to keep them in captivity. Additionally, it’s illegal to catch and keep wild dragonflies in some areas, so make sure you check with your local laws and regulations before making a purchase.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s take a look at some of the best places to buy dragonflies online.

Odonata Central

Odonata Central is a great resource for anyone interested in dragonflies. They have a massive database of information on dragonflies and damselflies, including identification guides, range maps, and photos. They also have a marketplace where you can purchase live dragonflies and damselflies. Their selection is limited, but they offer some of the most popular species, such as Blue Dasher and Eastern Amberwing. The prices are reasonable, and the insects are shipped overnight to ensure their survival. is a unique online retailer that specializes in carnivorous plants and insects. They offer a wide variety of dragonflies and damselflies for sale, including some rare and hard-to-find species. Their prices are a bit higher than other online retailers, but the quality of their insects is top-notch. They also offer a live arrival guarantee, so you can be sure that your insects will arrive in good condition.

The Bugmaniac

The Bugmaniac is a European-based online retailer that specializes in exotic insects, including dragonflies and damselflies. They have a vast selection of insects available, and their prices are very reasonable. Their insects are shipped from Europe, so shipping times may be longer than other retailers. However, they offer a live arrival guarantee, so you can be sure that your insects will arrive in good condition.

Insect Lore

Insect Lore is a popular online retailer that specializes in live insects and insect habitats. They offer a variety of live dragonflies and damselflies for sale, as well as kits that allow you to raise your own insects from larvae. Their prices are a bit higher than other retailers, but the quality of their insects and customer service is excellent. They also offer a live arrival guarantee, so you can be sure that your insects will arrive in good condition.


BioQuip is a well-established online retailer that specializes in entomology supplies, including live insects. They offer a variety of dragonflies and damselflies for sale, as well as a range of supplies to help you care for your insects. Their prices are very reasonable, and they offer a live arrival guarantee. They also have a wealth of information on their website, including care sheets and breeding guides, so you can learn more about your insects.

Tips for Buying Dragonflies Online

When purchasing live insects online, it’s important to take a few precautions to ensure that your insects arrive in good condition. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Check the weather: Dragonflies and damselflies are delicate insects that are sensitive to temperature changes. Make sure to check the weather forecast in your area and the seller’s location before making a purchase. If the temperatures are too extreme, it’s best to delay your purchase until conditions are more suitable.
  2. Choose a reputable seller: Look for online retailers that have a good reputation for selling healthy and vibrant insects. Check reviews from previous customers to ensure that they have had positive experiences with the seller.
  3. Consider shipping time and cost: Live insects need to be shipped quickly to ensure their survival, so make sure to choose a seller that offers overnight or priority shipping. Additionally, consider the cost of shipping, as it can be expensive for live insects.
  4. Research the species: Make sure to research the species of dragonfly or damselfly you are interested in before making a purchase. This will help you determine whether it’s suitable for your region and whether you have the necessary habitat and food resources to care for it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dragon Flies

What are dragonflies and what makes them unique?

Dragonflies are fascinating insects that are found all over the world, except in Antarctica. They are known for their large, transparent wings, long bodies, and vibrant colors. What makes them unique is their ability to fly in all directions, including hovering in one spot, which is a rare ability among insects. They are also fierce predators, with keen eyesight and impressive flying skills that allow them to catch prey on the fly.

How do dragonflies benefit the environment?

Dragonflies play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. They feed on mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, which helps to control their populations. This, in turn, reduces the spread of diseases and prevents damage to crops. Dragonflies also serve as an indicator of the health of the environment they inhabit. Their presence in a particular area indicates the availability of clean water, which is crucial for their survival.

Can dragonflies be kept as pets?

It’s not recommended to keep dragonflies as pets because they have specific needs that can be challenging to meet in a home environment. They require a lot of space to fly, access to clean water for breeding and feeding, and a varied diet that includes live insects. Additionally, they are not social animals, so they don’t interact with humans in the same way that other pets do.

What can I do to attract dragonflies to my yard?

If you’re interested in attracting dragonflies to your yard, there are a few things you can do. First, create a water feature such as a pond or a small pool. Dragonflies need clean water for breeding and feeding, and they are attracted to still or slow-moving water. Second, plant native vegetation around the water feature. This provides habitat for dragonflies and their prey. Finally, avoid using pesticides in your yard, as they can harm dragonflies and other beneficial insects.


If you’re interested in purchasing live dragonflies or damselflies, there are several reputable online retailers to choose from. It’s important to keep in mind that these insects are not pets and require specific care and habitat requirements to survive. Make sure to do your research and choose a reputable seller that offers healthy and vibrant insects. With a little bit of preparation, you can enjoy the beauty and wonder of dragonflies in your own backyard.

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