Why are my Monstera leaves burnt? This can be a common problem in the Monstera family. It is good to know what causes this and there are many solutions! The most common cause of burnt leaves on Monsteras is too much water or poor drainage. You may also get burnt leaves if you have been feeding your plant with acidic fertilizer that does not agree with its natural soil type.

There are several ways to fix these problems, which we will discuss below. This blog post discusses why it’s important for plants to receive their proper care and attention, including how to solve some of the most common problems faced by Monstera owners!

Common Causes to Monstera burnt leaves


Overwatering your plant can lead to burnt leaves. It is important that the soil dry out in between watering intervals! In order to make sure that your plant has the proper drainage, add a layer of gravel or potting mix at the bottom of the pot.


If you have been under-watering your plant, its leaves will start to dry out and turn brown. You may also notice that the soil is starting to harden or shrink. To fix this problem, water more often!

Feeding Plant with Wrong Fertilizer Type

If you feed your Monstera leaves with an acid fertilizer, it can lead to burnt leaves as well! In order to fix this problem, switch to a fertilizer with the correct pH.

Plant Not Receiving Proper Care

If your plant is not receiving proper care, it can lead to burnt leaves. To solve this problem, make sure you are watering and fertilizing at the right intervals! It may be helpful to have someone who has experience looking after plants for advice as well.

Poor drainage

If your plant’s roots are not able to breathe because of poor drainage, it can lead to burning. Ensure there is proper spacing for water to drain from the pot and plants need a room at their base so they don’t sit in a puddle of water. If you have been feeding your plant with an acidic fertilizer, it may be out of balance and cause burning!

Low Air Moisture

Low air moisture can cause leaves to wilt and eventually burn in certain situations. In order to solve this problem, make sure you are watering at the right intervals and give your plant enough light!


Plant eating insects like scales can cause leaves to burn by sucking the sap from your plant’s leaves causing them to dry out and eventually crack which causes the plant to die.

Mites are also a common problem for Monstera plants and can cause leaves to turn brown or yellow, which may lead to burning on the edges of the leaf and along veins.

Fungus or Disease

If your Monstera plant has been infected with fungus or disease, you will notice brown lines on the leaves. In order to fix this problem, remove any affected parts of the plant and water more often! The best way to avoid these problems is by using a fungicide spray regularly as prevention.

Solutions for Monstera burnt leaves

The most common causes for burnt leaves on Monsteras are too much water or poor drainage. You may also get burnt leaves if you have been feeding your plant with acidic fertilizer that does not agree with its natural soil type. There are several ways to fix these problems, which we will discuss below.

  • Adjust your watering schedule to better suit your plant’s needs. This could be as simple as switching to a timer so you ensure it gets enough water but not too much.
  • Add a drainage layer to the bottom of your pot. This will ensure that water does not stay at the bottom of your pot, which could cause overwatering and burnt leaves.
  • Replace fertilizer with one more suited for Monstera plants or change it up every few weeks so you can offer variety in nutrients from different sources.
  • Prune the brown parts of your Monstera’s leaf and take it into account when watering them next time. The best way to ensure proper water levels is by using well-draining potting soil and watering your plant from the bottom.
  • Mix a solution of one tablespoon baking soda with four cups water to treat an over acid soil type or use a natural fertilizer that is not citrus-based.

Why you should remove damaged leaves

It’s important to know how and when to remove damaged leaves as well. This is because the brown or burnt parts of your Monstera plant can cause other areas on the leaf to burn by blocking the sun, light, and air circulation around it.

Leaves that have been burned too long are more difficult for your plant to heal and will eventually start burning other leaves. If you notice that your Monstera’s burnt leaf is growing in size, it may be time to remove it!

Removing spots from Monstera leaves

In order to fix burnt leaves on Monstera plants, you need to make sure it is not the result of an infection. If your plant has been infected with fungus or disease, remove any affected parts and water more often! The best way to avoid these problems is by using a fungicide spray regularly as prevention.

It’s important for Monstera plants to have a good drainage layer in the bottom of their pot and well-draining soil. Do not overwater your plant, as this can cause burnt leaves! The best way to avoid these problems is by using a fungicide spray regularly as prevention.

If you are unsure if your Monstera’s burnt leaf is from too much water or an infection, cut off a leaf from the bottom of the plant. If it is still burnt in a few days, you may need to replace your soil and do more research on how much light they should get!

If leaves are growing larger rather than healing themselves, this could be because there is something else wrong with your Monstera’s leaf that we did not mention here.


A Monstera plant is a beautiful addition to any home with its wide leaves and large flowers. If you take care of these plants properly, they will provide many years of beauty!

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