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How to Fix a Leggy Wandering Jew Plant: Let’s Find Out

A wandering jew plant is a popular houseplant that many people keep in their homes. The name comes from the way this plant “wanders” or branches out as it grows. Wandering jew plants can be very attractive, but they are also prone to having leggy stems and leaves that hang down too low for the entire plant to be viewed at once. This article will provide you with tips on how to fix your wandering jew so it looks healthy and beautiful.

About the Wandering Jew Plant

The wandering Jew is a popular houseplant that many people keep in their homes. The name comes from the way this plant “wanders” or branches out as it grows, and can do so quickly depending on how much light it’s exposed to.

Wandering jew plants come in many different colors including golden yellow, greenish-brown, and purple. They are also known for their long, thick stems and leaves which hang down too low to see the whole plant at once.

Why is your Wandering Jew Plant Leggy?

It’s common to see a leggy wandering jew plant because this is often caused by improper watering or neglect. If the soil is too dry, your houseplant may become stressed and start stretching for water. It’s best to check on it once per week and be sure that there isn’t any standing water in the saucer.

Reaching for Light

Sometimes when you see long stems or leaves on your houseplant, this can be because they are reaching up to the light. This is often seen with plants that are grown in darker areas of a home or office where they can only get the sunlight from one side of their container. Try rotating your plant so it gets more exposure to light, and you should see an improvement.

Not Getting Enough Water

If your wandering jew plant is becoming leggy over time, it’s likely that it needs more water. Give the soil a good soaking and then let it dry out slightly before adding any more water again.

Water from the Top Down

When watering your wandering jew plant, try giving its root system a good soaking by pouring water over the soil from the top downward. Don’t let it pool at the bottom of your pot.

Low Humidity

Wandering jew plants are known for being tolerant of low humidity, but they will still need it to thrive. If the air is too dry and not humid enough, your houseplant may start stretching for water again or dropping leaves in order to survive.

Why is my Wandering Jew Growing Straight Up??

If your plant is growing up, it’s likely because you have moved its pot to a place where the sun can hit all sides of the leaves. Give it some time and once the plant starts expanding again, try rotating it so that one side doesn’t get more sunlight than another.

Dealing with Leaves Falling off Your Plant

Leaves falling off your plant is never a good sign, but it’s not always an indication that something is wrong. It can be caused by factors such as the humidity in the air or over-watering.

How Can I Fix My Wandering Jew Plant?

There are ways to fix your wandering jew plant and make it healthy again. If you’re not sure what the problem is, or if you want a natural way to solve the issue, try these tips.

  • Add more water so that the soil becomes moist but doesn’t stay wet for too long
  • It can be helpful to place plastic over the soil to create a higher humidity level
  • Try rotating your plant and placing it in brighter light sources.

All of these steps can help you make sure that your wandering jew is healthy again. Give them some love, stay on top of their watering needs, and they’ll grow strong for years to come.

Other Problems with Your Wandering Jew Plant

If you’re still having problems with your wandering jew plant, there are ways to fix it! Check out some common issues here:

  • Leaves turning yellow or brown – This is often caused by a lack of water. Give the soil a good soaking and then let it dry slightly before watering again
  • Soft spots on stems/leaves – This can be caused by low humidity or overwatering
  • Dropping leaves – Low humidity levels are the most common cause for this problem. Try increasing the amount of time that your plant is out in brighter light sources
  • Yellow/brown dust on top of the soil – If you’ve been spraying fertilizer onto the plant, it’s possible that the brown dust is from this. Try using a different fertilizer or switch to a water-soluble fertilizer

Why are your Wandering Jew Leaves Curling?

When you notice that your wandering jew plant’s leaves are all curled up, this may be a sign of dehydration. The lack of water is causing the plant to curl in on itself and not able to grow outward anymore.

This can also happen if there’s been an issue with overwatering – it will cause the soil to become too saturated and the plant will start to droop. To fix this, make sure your watering is spaced out and at a moderate level so that it doesn’t stay wet for too long.

Why is your Wandering Jew Changing Color?

Some plants will change colors when they are introduced to new light sources. If you’ve moved your plant or changed the lighting in its room, it might be time to give it some TLC! Reducing the amount of water that you give it may help stop this color shift as well.


The wandering jew plant is a tough customer, but with the right care, it will thrive for years to come! If your wanderer has been struggling or looking less than healthy lately, try these tips on how to fix it up again. Happy growing.

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