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How To Grow Bougainvillea From Cuttings and Seeds? Let’s Find Out!

Are you looking for a way to cover your border wall with greenery? Or are you seeking for plants that are colorful, low-maintenance, and trouble-free? The finest option is Bougainvillea. Bougainvillea is a simple plant to grow since it is low-maintenance and does not require your constant care. If you’re searching for a quick climber, this is the fastest-growing plant that will help you add color to your lawn and hanging pots while also improving the appearance of your balcony.

Bougainvillea may be grown using two alternative approaches. If you choose to cultivate bougainvillea from seeds, you will need to devote less attention to it. Furthermore, if you choose to cultivate it from cuttings, it is a time-consuming job. Make sure you grasp the specific process of growing Bougainvillea as outlined below so that you may ensure the best growth possible for your lovely plant.

How to Grow Bougainvillea in a Healthy and Timely Manner

Before planting Bougainvillea, make sure you read and understand the following article to learn how to cultivate them.

Choosing the location

Choose the finest site for your Bougainvillea planting. You may use your garden’s hanging baskets, pots on your terrace, and even the surface of your yard. Remember that Bougainvillea likes sunshine and increases its flowering in hot weather, so find a location that gets enough of it throughout the day. Choose a location where you can easily connect strings to the plant to teach it to grow upward or in the direction you want it to grow. This training would result in a lovely bouquet of bright flowers.

Using Bougainvillea Seeds to Grow Bougainvillea

This approach is simple, although it takes longer than growing Bougainvillea from cuttings.

Seed Collection

To begin, you must harvest high-quality seeds. If you’re going to buy seeds from the market, make sure you choose a reputable seed supplier. Healthy seeds are provided by a reputable brand. However, if you want to pick seeds from a mature Bougainvillea plant, you’ll have to wait until fall. Bougainvillea blooms generate seed pods inside their centers during this season. You may collect them and dry them in the sunlight.

Seeds Germination

In the seedling tray, start germinating the seeds. Make a hole in the center of each box and fill the tray with healthy soil. Fill each hole with 2 to 3 seeds. More soil should be added to the seeds, as well as water to keep them wet. Wait with the tray in the sunlight.

When you feel dryness in the top layer of soil, don’t forget to sprinkle water on the tray. The Bougainvillea seeds take a long time to germinate, but once they do, the plant grows quickly. It might take up to a month or more for the seeds to germinate. After sowing the seeds, I waited 40 days for them to germinate. However, after I received the findings, I must say that the wait was well worth it. Keep your germination tray in the sun and water it regularly throughout this period.


After you discover the seeds have germinated, continue to care for the plant and allow it to develop to a height of 5 to 6 inches. Select the best site for your Bougainvillea plants as soon as you notice them growing nicely, whether in hanging pots or on the lawn wherever you want to grow your Bougainvillea, then transplant all the little, fresh Bougainvillea plants to their permanent placement.

Using Bougainvillea Cuttings to Grow Bougainvillea

It’s the most popular way to grow this evergreen flowering plant in your yard. Bougainvillea may be planted at any time of year, with the exception of locations with frigid weather.

Parent Plant Selection

To ensure that the cuttings you create have a healthy gene structure, choose the healthiest parent plant. Which, in turn, will result in healthy offspring. To create cuttings, use the softwood from the parent plant. Softwood is a type of wood that isn’t very ancient or new. Make 5 to 7-inch-long cuts. Check for nodes in each cutting; each cutting should include at least 5 to 6 nodes.

Plant The Cuttings

It’s time to put the cuttings in the ground. Take off all of the leaves from the cuts you’ve made. Keep the ends of the cuttings in rooting hormone for a bit if you have it. Mix one part peat, which is an acidic medium, with one part perlite, which is used to hold water, to make a soil combination. Place the mixture in pots or on the ground where you want Bougainvillea to grow.

Make holes in the pots and, if the pots are tiny, place one cutting in each pot. If the pot is large enough, 3 to 4 cuttings can be placed in each. Continue in this manner until all of the cuttings have been placed. Make sure the cuttings are 2 to 3 inches deep in the soil before planting. This pot must be placed in a hot region or near a window that receives direct sunshine. Wait for the roots and shoots to develop before watering the plant.

Conditions Required for Better Bougainvillea Growth

Bougainvillea is a plant that tolerates a wide range of environmental conditions. They grow all year and produce blooms every now and then if the weather is warm. They are drought resistant and require a lot of warmth and sunlight to thrive. Your plant should not be overwatered. Maintain optimum soil airflow by keeping the soil warm. A good drainage system is also necessary to prevent water from accumulating in the roots of the plant. As a result, the root begins to decay.


Is full sun required for Bougainvillea?

Yes, Bougainvillea need a lot of sunshine during the day to blossom. It may be grown in partial shade, but it will only produce leaves rather than blooms. Bougainvillea should be exposed to direct sunshine for at least 8 hours every day to fully flower.

Is it possible to plant cuttings directly in the ground?

Yes, cuttings may be planted immediately in the ground. However, a healthy soil composition is required for this purpose. A suitable drainage system should be included in your soil. If you can meet these conditions at home, it should have enough ventilation to improve air circulation. Cuttings can be planted straight in the ground.

How much water does the Bougainvillea plant require?

Water is required for the growth of all plants. Bougainvillea, on the other hand, is known to be a drought-tolerant plant that can survive for lengthy periods of time without water. During the summer and spring, you should offer water every 2 to 3 days. During the winter, though, you only need to supply water once a week.


Bougainvillea is one of the most popular plants in every way, and if not properly cared for, the plants might perish. Because of the thorns in the stem, you may make them climb your boundary wall as a security hedge. When growing on the ground and reaching a full height of almost 35 to 40 feet, it creates a stunning spectacle. When the bright flowers are hung from your garden’s lovely hanging pots, they appear vibrant and amazing. Growing Bougainvillea is not a difficult task; if you read carefully, you will obtain a complete understanding of how to cultivate Bougainvillea.

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