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Category Archives: Wildlife

Do Chipmunks Climb Trees? Unveiling the Acrobatic Secrets of These Adorable Creatures

We’ve all seen those cute, bushy-tailed little critters scampering around our yards and parks. They are chipmunks, and they never fail to entertain us with their energy and antics. But have you ever wondered if these tiny, furry acrobats also climb trees? Well, get ready to have your curiosity satisfied, as we dive into the […]

Do Squirrels Eat Apples? Things To Know

When most people think of squirrels, they think of them eating nuts. But did you know that squirrels also eat fruit? That’s right; squirrels eat apples! While not as common as their nut-eating cousins, there are several varieties of apple-eating squirrels. So how do these furry little creatures get their hands on apples? Let’s take […]

Are Shasta Daisies Deer Resistant: The Secret to Deterring Deer?

Looking for a deer-resistant plant for your garden? You may have heard of Shasta daisies and wondered if they would be a good option for you. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what makes Shasta daisies deer resistant and whether or not they would be a good fit for your garden. So, […]

Do Lantanas Attract Hummingbirds? Let’s Find Out

Lantanas are a type of flowering plant that is native to the Americas. They are a popular choice for gardens and landscaping because of their colorful flowers and ability to attract hummingbirds. In this article, we will go over why lantanas are so popular and why they attract hummingbirds. What Are Lantanas And What Do […]