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Black House Plants: A Great Option for The Modern Home

So, you have a black house plant and are looking for some ways to make it look great in your home? Well, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss the five best ways to show off your black house plants. We’ll also talk about why they’re such a popular choice for modern homes. So whether you want something simple or extravagant, these tips will give you an idea of what’s possible with those beautiful dark leafy friends.

 Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a great choice for those who want something that will be happy and low maintenance in their home. This plant can grow up to four feet tall and has lush, dark green leaves with thick stems perfect for displaying on your desk or tabletop. In the right light, its black coloration really shines which is why it’s such an ideal option for the modern home.

Colocasia Esculenta – Black Magic

C. esculenta is a plant that will grow to about two and a half feet tall, but its leaves are what sets it apart from other plants- they’re a deep black on the top with light green tips. This makes for unique arrangements in your home or office by providing different heights of coloration around a single plant or multiple C. esculenta’s in one space.

This plant is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their house plants and likes high maintenance options because it needs lots of water (about once per week) and should be taken outside during the summer months so that it can enjoy some natural light.

Alocasia Reginula – Black Velvet

A. reginula is a plant that will grow anywhere from eighteen to twenty inches tall with as many leaves as it can manage. Its dark green coloration on the top, contrasted by light green undertones and deep purple undersides makes this one of the most popular choices for black plants in homes or offices today. You’ll often find this plant showcased in a low pot or dish where its leaves can fan out.

This plant is perfect for someone who wants something that’s high maintenance and thrives on attention, but with an equally beautiful reward- it has one of the most impressive flowers among black plants which will bloom when conditions are right (about once every three to four months).

Canna Lily – Tropicanna Black

Some of the most popular black house plants are Canna Lily and Tropicanna Black. The Cannas come in a variety of colors but tend to be dark green or purple on top with a white bottom. These lilies grow up to 24 inches tall and can bloom all year long. They’re great as floor coverings for an outdoor setting because they grow so well in warmer climates.

Oxalis Triangularis – Purple Oxalis

This plant is one of the most popular black house plants. It is very hardy and can withstand low light, so it’s perfect for any room in your home. Purple Oxalis also has a beautiful flower shape that grows up to two inches tall. These flowers are pink with purple tips when they first bloom before turning into white blooms. This plant is a great option if you’re looking for something to give your home more life.

Strobilanthes Dyeriana – Persian Shield

The Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyeriana) is a beautiful, shiny black house plant that grows to about 18 inches. The leaves are usually dark green with red and purple veins running through them. This gives the stem of the leaf an appearance like it’s been dipped in chocolate! They can tolerate shade but they prefer bright indirect light. This plant is also known for its deep purple blooms that come out in the spring and summer months.

Echeveria “Black Prince” – Black Hens And Chicks

Echeveria “Black Prince” is a popular black-colored succulent plant. It has pointed, dark green leaves that are rough in texture and can grow up to 12 inches tall when mature. The flowers on this echevaria have pinkish-purple petals with yellow tips. This plant does well outdoors as it can withstand frost and is drought-resistant.

Calathea Rosepicta “Dottie” – Rose Painted Calathea

The Calathea Rosepicta “Dottie” is a perennial that thrives in the same conditions as other black house plants. The flowers are red and yellow, with large white spots on each petal. This plant likes to be watered evenly throughout the day rather than all at once because it can get too wet when too much water is given at one time.

Sinocrassula Yunnanensis – Chinese Jade Plant

The Sinocrassula Yunnanensis (Chinese Jade Plant) is a perennial evergreen that prefers medium to bright light. This plant has shiny, dark green leaves with a velvety texture and white flowers that bloom in the springtime. It can grow up to 12 inches wide and tall over time, resembling a miniature tree or shrub.

Peperomia Metallica – Red Tree

The Peperomia Metallica is a beautiful, dark green leafed plant that can help to enhance the look of your home and provide some much-needed life. The Red Tree has an almost black or brownish coloration with white edges on its leaves and yellow flowers at the top of its growth. This houseplant will grow to be about a foot tall in the right conditions.

Viola Tricolor (Var. Hortensis) – Black Pansies

Viola Tricolor (Var. Hortensis) / Black Pansies are a perennial that can grow up to 40 inches in height with flowers ranging from purple, blue, and white. These plants need full sun and partial shade for optimal growth and bloom. They prefer moist soil but will tolerate drought conditions if needed. Violas also produce self-seeding pods that can be used to propagate more plants.

Lithops / Living Stone

Lithops are a type of succulent with a genus that is native to South Africa. They grow in the shape of pebbles and can vary from brown, green, or yellow-green coloration. These plants need full sun and prefer dry soil for optimal growth and bloom.

Haworthiopsis Nigra – Haworthia Nigra

A Great Option for The Modern Home – subtitles Haworthiopsis Nigra / Haworthia Nigra Black house plants are a great choice to have in the home. Their easy care and low light requirements make them ideal for many homes. Another bonus is their black color will add an edgy touch to your modern home.

Aeonium Arboreum – Zwartkop

Aeonium Arboreum / Zwartkop A black house plant that is a great choice for your modern home. Their low light and easy care requirements make them perfect for those wanting to move away from real plants without sacrificing the beauty of nature in their homes.

Ficus Elastica – Rubber Plant

The Ficus Elastica or Rubber Plant is an excellent choice for low-light areas and is a great way to add some texture in those darker spaces. It has the added bonus of being one of the most forgiving plants, making it easy to grow indoors unlike other more finicky houseplants. The rubber plant also makes for a beautiful conversation piece with its leathery, waxy-looking leaves and will grow quite large given enough time.

Peperomia Caperata – Burgundy Ripple Peperomia

These plants are great for spaces that have a lot of natural light. They do well in moist conditions and low-light environments, which makes them perfect for bathrooms or kitchens!

A few things to keep an eye on with this plant is the potential for it to stunt growth if it’s not given enough water. It’s important to make sure it has enough light and also that the soil is not too dry or else these plants will have a hard time.

Where Does the Black Plant Get its Color From?

The black color comes from a pigment called anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are used to create those beautiful colors in flowers and fruits, but they can also be found in the leaves of some plants. One way for these dark pigments to show up is if the plant has been exposed to cold temperatures or less sunlight. As the plant grows, it becomes a darker color.

Why Should You Get Black Houseplants?

The dark color of these plants can be great for a variety of reasons. The black houseplants are perfect in an office space or anywhere you want to create that moody ambiance from the darkness and shadows that they provide. They’re also really versatile because they work well no matter what type of light you have available!

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